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The Story Behind Gluten Zero Products

         We’ve changed our name from Gluten-Free to Gluten-Zero because the FDA states that 20 ppm is safe for us. It is not safe! That is why we make everything on site from scratch! We know how imortant a Gluten-Zero Bakery is to our very important customers! Also, there were too many regulations and no buildings available in Los Angeles, California area to open and that is why will are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. I (Clarissa) will not give up on this specialized bakery! I will make it happen or die trying! Why? Because a Gluten-Zero Bakery like this, will be a blessing for everyone on our team, by giving everyone a two year college degree from sales at the bakery.

          While earning my BSBA 2005, my daughter Vanessa and I, had both been sick with a lot with shooting pains in our bones, migraines, strange heart beat, along with a yearly bout with Bronchial Pneumonia. We never recieved good results from the doctors and we just kept going on with life not realizing we were ignoring an illnesses that would not improve until properly diagnosed. Vanessa started experiencing something really scary! We describe it to the doctor that Vanessa’s symptoms were, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and getting drenched in sweat as we did not know a name for her symptoms. I (Clarissa) thought I had serious symptothetic feelings as I was also experince the same things. One day while at the Doctors office for about the 8th time for these scary attacks that Vanessa kept having, the nurse patted me on the back and said (sarcasticly) “Oh your daughter is fine,” and walked out of the exam room. We never went back! However what Vanessa had been experiencing was Anaphylaxis Shock, along with being misdiagnosed with Hypoglycemia then Diabetics. I researched the Internet at www.ask.com, what causes shooting pain in human bone? It came back with Celiac Disease, and how we could feel better, with what type of doctor to help us. Right away, we took our daughter off wheat. A few weeks latter, we were both tested. The trick to be diagnosed correctly is to continue with the wheat as I (Clairssa) came back positive for Celiac Disease while my daughter (Vanessa) came back with negative results. The doctor said she could eat wheat and she broke into tears, as it had made her feel so much better to be off the gluten. We had a check up five years later and we had the opposite results. My daughter came back positive and I came back negative. A word to the wise, if you feel gluten is making you sick, and the doctors say you do not have Celiac Disease, do what you need to do to feel better, stop consuming gluten. Only you will know for sure!

          There is a lot of information on the web about Celiac Disease and help us to change our lives around and feel better. We learned that many Gluten-Free foods taste terrible, and felt that we needed to learn how to cook all over again. I had always been a very good cook and baker, however now I had to use gluten-free flours. It was rough, but we made such good food that everyone who tasted our treats said, “You have to sell it to health food stores.”

          While doing demo’s of our Gluten-Free Bread, customers were asking that in addition to my bread being gluten-free, they also wanted our bread to be, egg free, milk free, and a sugar free Gluten-Free Bread. I only said, I do not make that kind of bread. I heard it enough times that I changed my attitude, and started testing different ingredients to make our bread gluten-free, egg free, sugar free and milk/casein free. After many disasters, we were successful and it taste awesome! I now have a bread that is safe for Celiac’s, Diabetic’s, Autistics, and egg allergies/Vegans. I applied and earned a Trademark for our bread called SafeBread along with a United States Patent pending. I could not have done any of this without earning my degrees with University of Phoenix.

          It is a challenge to bake, package and deliver our products and we feel having our own bakery would be beneficial to everyone. Please visit us often at 9500 S Eastern Las Vegas NV or here online as we grow!

Thank you
Clairssa Parry & Family

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