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Get your hands on the sweets, breads and sauces that your Gluten Free Body needs today! 

How Does Gluten Effect You?

Your new lifestyle will be ever evolving as you learn about your body and how to make it healthy and live Gluten Free.

Whole Body Health

If you’ve recently been told you need to follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons, it is very important to completely eliminate gluten from your diet. This is a lifestyle change that will take time and practice and we are here to help!

Fitness Training

Regular movement and exercise is critical for good health, exercise isn’t nearly as important for calorie burning as it is for hormone regulation and working with your Autoimmune Disease.

Clean Eating

You can reduce the symptoms of gluten intolerance or sensitivity is by planning meals as carefully as possible and some meals can be devised without including the dreaded ‘GF’ acronym.

GlutenZero Products

What we will do for you, your health, and lifestyle!

“I went to GlutenZero bakery after hearing about it from a friend. My wife was recently diagnosed with Celiac and craving sweets. We got the brownie cake and it was great! My whole family loved it. The staff was very inviting and knowledgeable. Even gave us some pointers on hidden gluten to look out for. We’ll definitely be going back!”

– Jesse Lord / Las Vegas NV

We have the issues that you do. We understand the issues with learning about Gluten issues from first hand experance and we watnt to help you to feel whole again. Our prodcts are made for Gluten free people by Gluten Free people.

Why… GlutenZero is better for you!

We belive you will be amazed by how you will feel once you try these products for yourself. While always expanding and growing we also understand the need to stay up to date with new fresh treats.


Highest Quality of products used in our recipes.


Fresh breads, cupcakes and cakes made daily.


No Preservatives.


Open 7 Days a Week


Online Ordering (with phone call confirmation)

Where Are We

Visit Us At: 

9500 S Eastern #130
Las Vegas NV 89123

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Our Hours:

Sunday – 10-3

Monday to Friday 10-6

Sat 10-5


From the mouths that have Tasted!

“In town for the day visited. Great service very informative and delicious”

Celia Ibarra

Fontana, California

“Amazing flavors and doesn’t taste gluten free. Got to taste test today and was so impressed. Well done!”

Stacy Schaumburg

Incline Village, Nevada

“Delicious treats!! Best of luck with the shop!! I’ll be back for more.”

Heather Rose

New York, New York

“Casey for Arbonne eight dozen vegan cupcakes for the Arbonne Convention this week and sent this incredible review! Cris, thank you for the terrific product. It was VERY well received by most everyone. Barbara Beaty, the Ex Natl VP and PhD in Nutrition was absolutely THRILLED with them. She wouldn’t stop talking about them esp the fact she had no stomach issues after eating them (I’ve never seen Barbara eat MULTIPLE of anything desert-like). I sincerely appreciate you helping with the order personally. We’ll see you next year!”


Arbonne Convention


Transform your body with GlutenZero Today. You just need your appetite. 


From our family to yours here at GlutenZero Bakery!

Our commitment to your health and lifestyle is our mission. We are here for you and understand firsthand how hard this can be we are here for you!

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